Friday, January 28, 2011

R.I.P. Diana Aitai, 1988-2011

One of my closest friends, Diana, died two days ago at the tender age of 22. She fell down an uncovered well while walking around in Pärnu and drowned.

I met up with some of her Tartu friends yesterday night. We talked about the fond memories we had of her.

She had a profound influence in many peoples lives. And the number probably ranges into the hundreds. Because she could form a very strong connection with people very quickly. Because she was genuinely interested in most everyone and everything.

She was the most inspiring and motivating person who I have met in my life. And one of the most influential too, being my first girlfriend, and playing a big part in me getting out of my depression, for she made me want to live again. And that stuck around even after we had broken up.

I will always remember the new year of 2008 - I met her right before, and we started going out right after... And everything in between was magical. I still have the chatlogs from that time (and I usually do not keep logs).

The two months we were together were also magical. Which made the breakup all the more painful. But I grew a lot as a person.

We didn't speak much the year she was in Salamanca, Spain... but the few Internet conversations we had were very important for me - for I was in Denmark, also away from home, and she could understand some of the things I was going through...

And that continued once we both got back, for she was there for me, and I tried to be there for her. And it was always good to be with her.

She was my flatmate for two months, when the Uni started in September 2010, before she got a room in a dormitory. And it was nice to have someone to share my daily experiences with.. and the feeling seemed mutual - as she had just started out in Põhjala and often had a lot to talk about. When she left, I was very sad that she did so. We had a Dr. Who marathon to commemorate her moving.

One of the last memories I have of her was us walking down empty Tartu streets at 1 a clock new years morning, singing 100 bottles of beer on the wall together... And we later repeated that act a few days later at K. place. And then she attended both of my birthday celebrations...

In the past month, she had been mainly concerned (ironically) about her future career choices. And from what I heared of M. and Da., she had just started to converge to a solution when the choices were taken away from her.

They say that the brightest flames burn the quickest. But she still had a lot of fuel left, before she was taken away from us.

You will be missed.


  1. I can only echo Margus's words about how much of a bright, shining light she was, even when I met her when she was 14 and got her internet connection at Christmas 2002. I was the first person she talked to on the net and little did I realise this would be the beginning of the most beautiful, pure, intense, rewarding and happy friendship of my life.

    She was tirelessly supportive and endlessly inspirational. She once asked me how I was feeling and this ended up in her preparing several pages of hand-written Cognitive Behavioural Therapy notes on what I should do and how I should address the situation. That was typical of how much she was prepared to give. She really cared.

    Over the eight years I knew her we shared everything together: our hopes, dreams, fears, tears and laughter. She was the best and closest friend I ever had. I was honoured to have been there for her too. To say she was there for me would be a massive understatement.

    She was, is, my soulmate, my angel, my most beautiful and treasured friend. She allowed me to understand that for there to be perfect, unconditional, undemanding love there need only be two people willing to share it. And we did. I remain forever grateful of the time we had together.

    Her heart will always be with me in everything I say and do in the future. "What would Diana think of this?" has been and will continue to be the first and most enlightening question I could ask myself.

    I love you, Diz, and I always will. You were the light of my life. Fly free now and be the beautiful spirit you longed to be. You were, quite simply, the best.

    Love, Happy Tree Dave x x

  2. I'm really shocked at the moment. At random found out that it was her.. I had the chance to meet her only online. She helped me through some of the most important aspects of my life which I'm forever grateful. For almost a year she was my only confidant. The last words being - "ehk kunagi kohtume". Those 131 pages are my memories..

    Thank you, Diana. You'll stay in my heart and maybe we'll really meet some day..

  3. I wish I could have met her, for the Esperanto world and for the world itself she seemed to have a very promising career and life. Such is life and sometimes good things happen to us and vanish for a reason. I hope you all who once met her or had a relationship with her can cope with this difficult situation.
    My condolences to all of you

  4. She was the most amazing person I have met. I will certainly miss her bright shining light.

    Thank you for what you gave to my life.